Bernard Bensaid Lemon Hotel CEO

The Lemon Hotel has a fruity name, but the facility is far from disappointing. Hotel CEO Bernard Bensaid embarked upon an entire new concept in the development of hospitality, comfort, and guest convenience with his design, and the results is a hotel that makes your stay all that you hoped for it to be and more.

What is the Lemon Hotel?

The Lemon Hotel is a 3-star hotel chain with locations spread across Europe. In France alone, more than a dozen hotels exist. You can stay in a beautiful hotel near the beach, one that is in the middle of the city in the heart of it all, or you can stay in a beautiful mountainous hotel that offers the peace and serenity that has been missing from your life.

People who choose the Lemon Hotel for their stay are treated to a comfortable hotel with friendly prices and awesome customer service designed to exceed their expectations. Spacious rooms ensure that you have plenty of area to  live in, and comfortable beds ensure a good night’s rest so you’re ready to tackle the day and the adventures that you’ve come to find with ease and a smile on your face.  The hotel offers mini-fridges and microwaves in room, and anyone who’s ever stayed in a hotel in the past now how important these items are, although they’re generally not missed until they’re unavailable. But that is not all that you can expect from the Lemon Hotel.

–    Free Wi-Fi

–    24-hour front desks

–    Easy booking

–    Your choice of room options, including single and double beds

Bernard Bensaid

–    Experienced agents ready to assist you with your needs

The Lemon Hotel aims to provide a unique experience to every guest, no matter which hotel location is closest to your destination. You enjoy friendly service and superior spaces that feel far more like a home away from home than a hotel. It alleviates some of the struggles that come when traveling.

Who Should Stay at Lemon Hotel?

Lemon Hotel is designed for everyone, so you will feel right where you are supposed to be, whether traveling for business, pleasure, or other reasons. This hotel leaves the frills behind and provides you with a unique and pleasurable experience that always leaves you feeling rewarded and revived. If you are searching for a great place to stay that won’t cost a small fortune, Lemon Hotel has what you are looking for!

Lemon Hotel is also great for those special events that you wish to remember forever, such as wedding celebrations, anniversary parties, graduations, and more. Large reception areas make life easy, and again, the low prices keep the customers coming back for more.

Although many hotels exist for your stay, the Lemon Hotel is by far one of the best of the options because it gives you so much more than the completion, for a whole lot less. When you need a hotel, there isn’t a better choice than the Lemon!